Waikato Wellbeing Knowledge Centre of Excellence | Te ara poutama

We are continuing to progress this concept with a wide range of partners across the Waikato and beyond. 

Our key objectives remain the same:

· An easily accessed digital ‘one stop shop’ for wellbeing data in the Waikato region, with an overall dashboard of key indicators that people can then drill into for more detail 

· A trusted source of knowledge on our wellbeing journey - used by organisations and stakeholders right across the region – we all sing from the same song sheet

·  A relevant resource where the data is as ‘live’/up to date as possible, measuring progress over time to guide our actions across the region

As we progress, some key principles we will follow include:
·       Knowledge first- this is not an exercise in collating loads of data for its own sake. We want a product which creates more value for people who want to advance wellbeing. This means translating and refining data into useful information and knowledge which can drive wellbeing decisions and actions

·       Non-duplication- the business case will ensure that the options explored and the approach(es) preferred does not duplicate existing regional wellbeing knowledge initiatives an/or organisations.

·       Relevance- the purpose of the CoE is not to capture and report all data on regional wellbeing, it is to share knowledge and insights on the key relevant measures and indicators of wellbeing as they relate to our shared goals and outcomes

·       What works -  the process to advance this concept is neutral about how it could be implemented and by whom. The business case will explore all options in terms of which ones would work best for users at best value.

We have contracted Patrick McVeigh and EeMun Chen from MartinJenkins to fully develop the concept for the CoE and identify options for its implementation. 

In addition, Michelle Macaskill from Melde/Huber Social will be providing advice to ensure that our measurement system is completely clear about what it is measuring and why, and how this contributes further to our understanding of what wellbeing really means. This is likely to mean we will revise and update our current wellbeing targets and measures.

If you are interested in the Waikato Wellbeing Knowledge Centre of Excellence and would like to contribute to the concept and its development, please get in touch.