Waikato Wellbeing Knowledge Centre of Excellence

A key goal of the WWP is to contribute towards environmental, social and economic wellbeing without duplicating the roles and functions of other mandated Waikato wellbeing organisations. In addition to the WWP, many organisations in the region collect, analyse and publish data on wellbeing, but these efforts are not fully integrated and coordinated, resulting in a patchwork of information and knowledge. 

While options exist, there is no identified home for this information at present. We have been working on the concept of a “Waikato Wellbeing Knowledge Centre of Excellence (CoE)” The key attributes of the CoE would be:

·      An easily accessed digital ‘one stop shop’ for wellbeing data in the Waikato region, with an overall dashboard of key indicators that people can then drill into for more detail 

·      A trusted source of knowledge on our wellbeing journey - used by organisations and stakeholders right across the region – we all sing from the same song sheet

A relevant resource where the data is as ‘live’/up to date as possible, measuring progress over time to guide our actions across the region

In the next phase of the project, a more thorough business case will be developed which will indicate the investment needed to develop and deploy the CoE. Engagement with key stakeholders will also be undertaken to test the concept more widely.  

If you are interested in this concept and would like to be part of its development, please get in touch.