Impact Hub ‘TECH FOR GOOD’: TECHWEEK 2022 Online Event

Curious about ‘Tech for Good’ and what it’s all about? Join this virtual event as Impact Hub and friends take a deep-dive into Tech for Good solutions, and how Tech for Good is being progressed in Aotearoa. 

During this interactive session you will be introduced to Tech for Good founders and teams as they demonstrate their tech solutions to some of Aotearoa’s most pressing problems. You’ll get to enjoy and participate in a discussion between our speakers on how Tech for Good is driving positive change at scale. 

This isn’t just an event for listeners! Impact Hub Waikato’s Vision 2030 series is focused on action … so as an audience member, you can expect to participate in exciting breakout sessions, where you’ll get to experience and explore tech, and together you will mind map solutions toward creating positive action.