Rangatahi Opportunity Project

Over the last few months leading up to the Christmas break, the core team of He Piko He Rangatahi (The Rangatahi Opportunity), have focused on gathering insights and real stories from rangatahi. 

We did this by conducting empathy interviews with rangatahi and people working with rangatahi. 

Alongside this, we have received the NIDEA Literature Review which provides qualitative research and a high-level overview of key themes from relevant literature. 

A total of 21 interviews have been conducted thus far - 12 of those are Rangatahi interviews and the other 9 are Advisor interviews. Some of the common themes that emerged are institutionalised racism, mental health, and the state of career guidance.

Where to next for this project? 
We are now planning on completing the empathy interview phase by gathering a few more rangatahi voices and then theming them along with the NIDEA report to bring forward all the insights done thus far. 

We will also start our series of Wall Walks so that we can share the beautiful and inspiring stories with you (keep an eye out on our Social Media pages for any updates!). 

Following that, we will bring together our amazing rangatahi and collaborators at a co-design hui so that we can share and hear different perspectives on how we can move forward.