Poutoko: Impact Project Update: The Waikato Kai Challenge | He wero whai hua

The WWP has an ambitious goal of reducing child poverty in the Waikato region to less than 1% and eliminating child hunger by 2030. 

The Waikato Kai Challenge is our initiative to understand how we might indeed end hunger in the Waikato using our operating model, adapted and led by our manu taki. We have now held two on-line hui to share the insights of people at the front line of the kai challenge, hearing from those who are finding new ways to understand the root causes of hunger and ways to actively improve access to kai for people and families. In early August our second hui was facilitated by manu taki Dr Anna Casey-Cox and included Dr Rebekah Graham, Lisa Booth from Kete Kai and Mike Rolton from Vinnies. 

You can watch the hui here:

(688) The Waikato Kai Challenge: Seminar 2 - YouTube

We are now developing an approach for our next seps with the Kai Challenge to build on the work our manu taki have already done. Using our operating model, we will look to dive deeper into the Waikato food system, bringing together excellent systems data, lived experience and matauranga Māori. As with all our work, our role is not to invent solutions, but to uncover greater insight into root cause and to then support those organisations who are already innovating and implementing breakthroughs across the system.

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