Pūrākau: Waikato Wellbeing Knowledge Centre | Te Kikokiko o te Whakaaro

We have continued to evolve the concept we have been developing since late 2021. Our advisors from MartinJenkins and Melde have been working to develop the Strategic Case (the Case for Change) and then a framework for turning this case into action.

Our work has confirmed that the current arrangements around how we generate, access, and utilise both data and insights could use enhancements and that there is a need to:

  • Increase visibility and accessibility: with better communication, visualisation and sharing of both data and insights - as well as making sure that it is up to date
  • Address data gaps: we need more granularity, more combining of hard and soft data, more work with iwi and mātauranga indicators
  • Generate knowledge: We strongly heard the need to add value to data - in all it's forms, not just quantitative - by forming and sharing insights and building understanding that we can act on.
  • Build capabilities: at all levels, to understand and use data better and to turn insights into action that improves outcomes – so, understanding the drivers.
  • better understand relationships between data sets, and the different domains of wellbeing, ideally on a longitudinal basis
  • build a deep understanding of key wellbeing issues across the Waikato, with a more cohesive / joined up approach – so we can better influence both delivery and investment; and
  • advocate more effectively.

Overall, we need more information, more insights, and insights that we can action. The new name we have been gifted for this initiative is Te Kikokiko o te Whakaaro, the embodiment of thought. The vision of Te Kikokiko o te Whakaaro is that Waikato people, at all levels, are empowered to make important choices wisely for the present and future wellbeing of the wai, whenua, and people of the Waikato. We will do this by:

  • Facilitating the generation and sense making of data so that we can draw from it actionable insights and knowledge, and
  • Communicating insights and knowledge gained in a digestible way.

…While building capability that empowers Waikato people at all levels to act for improved outcomes. The overall objective is that people have the right information, at the right time – and that we are able to act on it.

The Kikokiko o te Whakaaro team will act as customer focussed insight librarians. We have identified 3 key groupings of stakeholders and potential users that would require specific solutions and different degrees of change and improvement across the enhancement opportunities that we identified.

  • Waikato People as well as the Waikato whenua and our waters, as the ultimate beneficiaries of this initiative, and any like it.
  • The Doers - those working to improve wellbeing in our region, including community groups, hapu, iwi, and all Waikato organisations serving others including both not-for-profit and purpose-led/social enterprises and communities serving themselves.
  • The Enablers and Strategists, including Iwi, funders, investors, and officers and elected officials across local and central government.

From this, and in partnership with many of the key wellbeing knowledge organisations in the Waikato, we have further refined the opportunity as the confluence of (a) information (b)insights and (c) empowerment.

We are now continuing to share and develop the concept with our team of partners, and further engaging with tangata whenua, so that the concept fully meets our objectives and creates value for the three stakeholder groups we have identified above.

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