Hau Kāinga: Lots of Little Fires | He pakipūmeka

An Update from Lead Social Innovator: Joe Wilson

Meeting the inspiring people across the Waikato and capturing their stories has been an incredibly moving experience, not just for Muredach and myself, but for the people who have so graciously and so willingly shared their experiences, learnings and perspectives. The one thing we hear consistently is the affinity people have to the kaupapa of ‘lots of little fires’ and what it stands for.

This has created such a beautiful sense of community amongst the people whose stories we are capturing and soon to share. Knowing there are other people out there with the same passion and fire inside them to make positive change both for themselves and their communities is fuel in itself and is a comfort that they are not alone driving for positive change in our world.

We have now gathered six unique stories. Each is full of depth, truth and provides a very special insight into the people behind the projects and programmes they run. We know it is good people that matter. Good people who are committed people, passionate and with hearts the size of the ocean. All we ask from you, is when you watch and hear their stories, to think about how you can play your part in further amplifying their stories or supporting their kaupapa further…we all have a meaningful and important part to play. We cannot wait to release the first story very early in the New Year and we cannot wait for you to really see and feel how the kaupapa is developing.

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