Waha: Using our Voice to Advocate for Positive Change

In November we lodged a submission with the New Zealand Productivity Commission in response to their interim report on ending intergenerational disadvantage in New Zealand (Productivity Commission | Interim report on A Fair Chance for All).

Our submission can be viewed here:

The key points we made included:

  • Centralisation and localism- many effective wellbeing programmes have their origins at grassroots levels, especially in terms of their design, delivery and governance. Those interventions should be supported, even if they are not a part of the traditional public management system.
  • Complexity and deep uncertainty- the report could highlight literature on wicked and complex challenges further so that readers are not inclined to expect technical and linear “solutions” to the challenges outlined in the report
  • The role of strategy - while being strategic in thinking and execution is essential, that is different to producing strategy as an artifact, which can at times be more akin to a marketing exercise.
  • Where/when to Intervene – we urged the Commisssion to consider focusing on factors at the beginning of people’s lives to place a greater focus on prevention.
  • Links to foundational values - based on the report of Matike Mai Aotearoa -the independent working group on constitutional transformation, we offered some ideas on values to guide the commission’s final report

In early December, alongside other key regional wellbeing organisations, we gave an overview of the WWP to a local government elected representatives forum at FMG stadium. You can view our presentation here