Hau Kāinga: Lots of Little Fires | He pakipūmeka

An Update from Lead Social Innovator: Joe Wilson

The concept of ‘lots of little fires’ captures the idea that there are many small ‘fires’ of passionate people ‘burning bright’ across the Waikato. In the night sky, from above, we can see them all and it is a beautiful sight, but often at the ground level all we see is the fire in front of us and we feel the constant heat. When we rise above and look down from the sky, we can see there are so many others fuelling their own fires of passion not that far away from our own.

Our first video release is ‘Poutama Rites of Passage’. Poutama Rites of Passage was born out of Whaingaroa in 2015.  You can watch the video for Poutama Rites of Passage on the dedicated YouTube page and also on our social media platforms. 

Poutama Rites of Passage is the vision of youth worker, Tiaki Coates (Ngāi Tahu), who felt called to explore what a community-led initiation for tama to transition into manhood would look like in a Te Ao Māori way. Seven years later and with numerous rites of Passage successfully completed, the kaupapa is thriving and fluidly evolving to suit the needs of the communities it exists to serve.

We aim to release about one story per month and have several already ready to go, so keep in touch and if you know of somebody who has an inspiring story of wellbeing, not matter how apparently small, please get in touch with Joe at

The stories we share can help provide a birds-eye view of the many stories and then an invitation to swoop down and learn about the individual fires in more depth. Knowing passionate people are not alone can give the energy and hope we all need to keep placing more fuel on our fires to keep our lights burning bright and improving the wellbeing of our communities. Three videos are completed - one is to be released each month alongside a write up.