Welcome Amber Hammill

We’re extremely delighted to announce the appointment of Amber Hammill as Project Lead for the Waikato Kai Challenge. Amber, an Australian who moved to New Zealand from Europe in the late 2010s, recently completed a PhD on older people who use the radio for company along with an exhibition of images from her research. Amber's background in research and her passion for food and community development attracted her to the role.

Amber brings a wealth of experience in research and community engagement, as well as a deep commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Amber's interest in food and community resilience started when she volunteered in her daughter's school kitchen and saw first-hand the number of children who came to school without lunch.

Through 2021-22, the Manu Taki for SDG 1 and 2 have consulted with various stakeholders to understand how to develop kai resilience and kai sovereignty in the Waikato region. The project's aim is to celebrate the stories of communities that are finding ways to feed their whānau, restore mana and knowledge about food cultivation, and enhance community connections. The consultation provided broad indications of areas of potential opportunity for the WWP to explore.

Amber is currently pulling together the strands of the amazing work which has already happened across the Waikato, and New Zealand in relation to kai, food insecurity and sovereignty and actions that are happening to make things better. As she does this, Amber will be reaching out to people with a role and interest in the kai ecosystem, seeking their wisdom and advice on how the WWP can make a useful contribution to this very important wellbeing area.

If you would like to be part of the Waikato Kai Challenge, please feel free to contact Amber at