Hau Kāinga: Lots of Little Fires | He pakipūmeka

An Update from Lead Social Innovator: Joe Wilson

We have now released our third video story the ‘Gift of Music’ from Fairfield College where a local businessman stepped up and made the project happen by teaming up with the school and the wider business community and college alumni to fund and provide in kind support to get the programme going.

The programme, Takoha Puoro, which means the ‘gift of music’, is a beautiful example of local business, school alumni and community combining their efforts and skills to help re-engage students back into education. It has seen the music facility of Fairfield College transformed into a professional and inspiring place where the students feel they belong and are valued.

The programme is facilitated by Jamey Ferguson, a well-known and respected industry expert. Known for his incredible musical talent, and as a member of the legendary reggae band Katchafire, Jamey has toured extensively around the world and performed at some of the biggest music festivals.

"The Fairfield music programme is an excellent example of how music can change lives," said John Cook, a former pupil of Fairfield College and retired successful business owner who has invested greatly in the kaupapa. "The programme has had a resounding success in changing people's lives and making a positive impact on the community."

The success of the programme has been evident over the past two years, with students progressing from novice players to top musicians in the school. "For the kids that are naturally talented and for the kids who have no interest and don't believe that they're talented, we've seen those snapshots of those different stages to getting them to where they are now," said Ferguson.

You can learn more about Takoha Puoro, and see our other Lots of Little Fires Stories on our website here: Lots of Little Fires | Waikato Wellbeing Project