Poutoko: Impact Project Update - The Rangatahi Opportunity

Youth Friendly Employers

On the 12th May we will host and facilitate 15 businesses and approximately 15 youth organisations to share perspectives, have constructive conversations and develop relationships. We anticipate this will provide a strong and trusting foundation for future developments in grass roots systems change and ethical business development, with regards to safe and holistic youth employers.

We will film this event and present it to a wider business audience, showcasing what “good” looks like in terms of cross sector engagement and innovation for ethical workplaces. This will be an advocacy piece combined with project lead facilitation of multiple stakeholders and kaupapa development.

This work will link directly into a wider conversation with all industry and businesses about their ethical and sustainable status. Transitioning from profit only focussed business to community/environmental servants in the way that is achievable for them is a clear direction to head and in partnership with B Corp (B Lab Australia & New Zealand | Building the B Corp movement ( who we are building a relationship with, in partnership with the regional economic development agency Te Waka.

Joe Wilson is also leading this kaupapa in Whaingaroa/Raglan through the youth collective. The approach will follow the blueprint of the Hamilton based project to test and develop the process and then extend into more rural/local communities in the Waikato. This could be linked directly with the Mayors’ Taskforce for jobs and numerous other stakeholders including schools, MoE, MBIE, MYD/MSD, local councils and employers. The power of the video record of this process will act as a clear example of how to go about this mahi and to inspire others to lead in their own community.