SDG 17 Partnership for the Goals The Good Day Matrix: Community Leadership Workshops

Alongside Trust Waikato and Hamilton City Council we have partnered with the Good Day Matrix to support their community leadership workshop programme.  The workshops are designed to invest in the people in our community who are doing great things and ultimately having a positive and meaningful impact. The first Community Leadership Workshop Series got underway last month with 40 amazing community leaders signed up!

The 6-part workshop series kicked off with the focus of 'Who am I as a leader' to build confidence and capability to further contribute to their communities' resilience and growth. The next workshop later this month is about understanding the TRACK formula for leadership to support sustainable leadership.

Over our time together with these community leaders we will:

·       Challenge them to think differently.

·       Empower them to inspire and guide change.

·       Encourage them to transform their approach to engaged leadership.

·       Give them tools and resources to overcome obstacles; and

·       Ensure their leadership is intentional, meaningful, authentic and sustainable.

For more information, please contact Dairne Burns: