SDG 13 Climate Commons

At the 2022 Waikato Climathon (which we also co-sponsored), Sija Soman shared her ideas for a new collective impact initiative to support people and communities to take positive action to address climate change. At the Climathon, Sija’s idea won the Community Prize, which was a great encouragement to continue to develop her ideas further. Climate Commons has now been launched.

It is a free collaborative platform for positive climate action which aims to inspire and support grassroots climate action and promote a new way of living that is less damaging to the environment. Climate Commons supports like-minded people to connect, accessing resources and government agencies to scale your initiatives and projects to new heights of success.

Climate Commons aims to bring grassroots climate action under one umbrella, connecting people with financial, technological administrative and other forms of aid while educating and empowering them alongside others.

One of the first major actions of Climate Commons has been to develop a documentary, capturing the voices of many of the people championing change to address climate change. The film presents fascinating stories about climate action, strategies for adaptation and mitigation in Aotearoa. A determined mother documents these inspiring tales, igniting practical climate action and driving policy change. Her journey offers intriguing insights into addressing the climate crisis, revealing a path towards a sustainable future.

Link for the film here:

The film premiers in Hamilton on 30 July, and the Waikato Wellbeing project is delighted to sponsor this event. The event is already a sellout, showing the huge interest in this issue.

The Climate Commons Movement is a nationwide collective dedicated to tackling the climate crisis through knowledge sharing, practical action, and partnerships. With a strong focus on scientific research, indigenous wisdom, and practical solutions, the movement inspires individuals, communities, and governments to work together to protect our shared resources and build a climate-resilient Aotearoa.

Get in touch with Climate Commons to arrange a screening in your town in New Zealand here: