2023 Climathon Waikato Impact Report

2023 Climathon Waikato

In this pivotal year for humanity, the call for decisive climate action is more urgent than ever. So, what happens when you bring together students, professionals, climate experts, and citizens to co-create solutions for our shared climate challenges? 

That's what we sought to find out in the 2023 edition of Climathon Waikato. Through a series of interactive 'warm-up' events and workshops in the lead-up, plus a 13-hour hackathon-style 'Ideathon', we brought together more than 200 aspiring changemakers. One resounding truth emerged - collaboration holds the key to a greener future. 

Based on a global concept, Climathon Waikato's ultimate goal was to provide a platform where diverse individuals could collaborate, learn, rethink the way we live, reimagine the future, and ultimately, use their skills to drive forward transformative change to our climate crisis.