Other SDGs

Across other SDGs, we have worked with our Manu Taki and community stakeholders to identify and take opportunities to accelerate wellbeing.

SDG 5 (Gender Equality) we have welcomed Riikka Anderson from YWCA Waikato as Manu Taki for this SDG. An initial SDG 5 scorecard for the Waikato has been developed and published on Te Ara Poutama. In October we supported Rainbow Hub Waikato and Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence to launch a report on the wellbeing for Takatāpui and Rainbow elders in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are now exploring opportunities for additional insights into the wellbeing of young woman in the Waikato for 2024.

For more information contact Riikka Anderson: and Dr Emma McGuirk:

For SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) our focus has been to support the work of Deep Dive Division as they work to clean up the Hamilton City section of the Waikato River, removing general refuse and in particular a number of car wrecks. We’ve supported and shared a video series “Beyond the Surface” to capture the work of Deep Dive, showing the refuse that has been left in the river and has now been recovered.

For more information contact Tua Karalus at Deep Dive Division:

For SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities), we have continued to support the Waikato Housing Initiative as it works with leaders in the Waikato housing system to deliver affordable homes. Our particular role has been as part of the WHI Leadership Group, supporting the WHI Trustees and also as the key funder of the Waikato Housing Data Lake and Dashboard

For more information contact Lale Ieremia:

For SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) we partnered with Waikato Regional Council and Ministry for the Environment to fund research into the role that organic waste plays in the region’s waste streams, and how this can be reduced and removed from landfills. This research is nearing completion and will be published in early 2024. This research follows on from work undertaken in 2021 to understand how the region’s waste system operates, and what changes might be needed to help the region to move further upwards on the waste hierarchy (below).

For more information contact Valerie Bianchi:

For SDG 13 (Climate Action), with our Manu Taki we again co-sponsored the second Waikato Climathon hosted by Impact Hub Waikato, and in August supported the premier by Climate Commons of their documentary film. The film presents fascinating stories about climate action, strategies for adaptation and mitigation in Aotearoa. A determined mother documents these inspiring tales, igniting practical climate action and driving policy change. Her journey offers intriguing insights into addressing the climate crisis, revealing a path towards a sustainable future.

In 2024 we will further identify and take opportunities to help and support Waikato people and communities to do their part towards our climate action targets. We will also work to ensure that this work connects with those leading action towards the region’s SDG 15  Biodiversity goals and targets.  

For more information contact Harvey: