WWP Business Plan

We have updated our 2024-25 Business Plan to reflect the changes and updates above. We have also made some changes from our earlier draft, in particular:

Poutoko: Major Projects – we have sharpened our focus and for 2024-25 we will focus the majority of our effort on completing and amplifying the results of the Kai Challenge

Te Ara Poutama –will continue, and we will seek a person to lead this initiative for the next 12+ months to maximise the impact of greater knowledge and insight into wellbeing at arrange of scales in the Waikato (see following story). We will work with stakeholders to determine our next wellbeing knowledge projects following the Hauraki Opportunity

Lots of Little Fires – this important initiative will continue, and we will aim to produce another 10 stories by March 2025. We will broaden the range of stories which we share over the next 12 months to cover additional dimensions of wellbeing in different geographies/localities.

Advocacy and Communications – we will continue to share the insights we develop through our advocacy and communications channels, including through formal submissions. We will not commence Kōrero Waikato at this stage unless additional funding can be secured.

Organisational Effectiveness -We will work with WEL Energy Trust and Waikato Regional Council to commission and undertake a review of the WWP, with results of the review guiding WWP business planning for 2025-26 and beyond.

You can read the business plan here