Waikato Wellbeing Project celebrates one year of Lots of Little Fires - sharing inspiring stories and positive impact

Waikato Wellbeing Project is thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Lots of Little Fires, marking a milestone in its mission to celebrate incredible people, doing incredible things, and inspiring others through the power of storytelling. As Lots of Little Fires turns one, we reflect on the journey thus far and look ahead to the future with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

At its core, Lots of Little Fires aims to amplify the voices of inspirational people and kaupapa that are working towards equity and social justice, shining a light on the invisible labour which leads to grass roots change in our communities. By providing a platform that goes to where they are, these individuals, who have deep insight and knowledge of their own communities, can safely share their stories in their own words and in the way that means the most to them. Through high-quality, strengths-based storytelling, Lots of Little Fires ensures that these perspectives are seen, heard, and understood by a wide audience, many of whom will have never appreciated the lived realities that are faced by so many in our communities. By connecting people across all levels of society, we can build empathy, understanding and compassion for more effective and streamlined collaboration between those with the power to support and those who can provide the service on the ground.

Over the past year, Lots of Little Fires has achieved significant success in raising awareness and inspiring positive change with over 250,000 YouTube views. Through grassroots collaborations and community engagement, Lots of Little Fires has sparked hundreds of conversations and influenced systems striving for equity. The impact of these stories has rippled through society, leaving a lasting impression on influential individuals and organisations.

Some of the outcomes have included a private landlord providing their 7-bed rental to young parents and babies, in partnership with Twenty20 housing. The growth and celebration of the Fairfield College Music Programme, and a rental property manager securing a home for a young mum and baby after being inspired by the Lots of Little Fires story.

The Lots of Little Fires series has also been shared with government officials of HUD (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development) MSD (Ministry of Social Development) and MoE (Ministry of Education) to enact changes to policy and funding around transitional housing.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing stories of resilience, empowerment, and hope. Looking ahead, we are committed to expanding our platform and amplifying even more voices from diverse communities.

With ten more stories planned for the upcoming season, we are excited to continue inspiring others and highlighting the positive alternatives that are already burning bright within our communities.

Join us in celebrating one year of Lots of Little Fires and stay tuned for more inspiring stories to come!

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