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The Hauraki Opportunity is on a mission to listen deeply to you, and elevate your thoughts around what matters to you, your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your whānau and family so that decision makers at all levels across Hauraki, can make important decisions wisely based on what really matters to you and the lives of those you love and care for.

This includes everyone, if you live, work, or play in Thames-Coromandel, Hauraki or Matamata-Piako. From Mount Moehau to Mount Te Aroha, across the Hauraki Plains, and up to the Wharekawa Coast - we want to hear from you.

For the first stage of this 2-stage project, we are asking just 2 questions about what matters to you.

We will use the responses you share to develop a survey that will come out later this year.

Take the 2-minute survey today

Share your whakaaro – your thoughts – on what matters to the wellbeing of you and your whānau and family.

By responding in writing

By uploading your video or voice note

If you would like to be sent the link to complete the survey when it is ready, please share your email address or phone number.

If you chose to leave your contact details we will use them to let you know the survey is ready later in the year. This will not be connected to your responses.

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The Hauraki Opportunity is an initiative of the Waikato Wellbeing project with lead partner Te Tara o te Whai, supporting partners include Hauraki District Council, Matamata Piako District Council, and Thames Coromandel District Council.

The Hauraki Opportunity is brought to you by the Waikato Wellbeing Project, in partnership with Te Tara o te Whai and the people of Hauraki. This is by us, for us.

More information:

The Hauraki Opportunity aims to undertake a community-wide measure of wellbeing in the Hauraki Region. The project is part of a Waikato knowledge Initiative developed by the Waikato Wellbeing Project.

The project is focused on the important role that wellbeing knowledge (and data/information) plays in empowering people at all levels to make important decisions wisely, for our present and future wellbeing.

The system must:

  • Be developed in such a way that communities and project partners have confidence in it to both to measure their wellbeing and the rigour and integrity of the findings. There must be collective agreement that the process, measurement tools, and analysis will be/was robust and appropriate.

  • Empower communities with the system, tools, and knowledge to continue ethical and robust measurement longitudinally, should they choose to.

  • Build on what exists and what we already know. Any additional data collected will be carefully selected for its potential to add value to stakeholders, for example, measuring factors that fall outside of the remit of a project partners organisations but that provide a more holistic view for collective and sub-regional planning and strategy.

  • The process must, as its priority, make all efforts to be mana enhancing – and specifically not be extractive, repetitive, or do harm to those involved.

  • Secure and protect data as sovereign taonga.

  • Provide a flexible data set and set of measures that can be analysed, investigated, and have insights drawn from in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the many stakeholders with an interest in the wellbeing of Hauraki.

Key points of interest:

  • Results will be delivered across the collective, and in agreed subgroups. Areas identified as of particular interest are: Older Adults, Youth / Rangatahi, those in areas identified as at greater risk of ocean inundation, SA2 areas level 7 and higher. As well as members of the rainbow community, disability communities, and those with additional mobility or access challenges, including those living in remote areas.

  • The project will include a Māori Wellbeing advisor and consider data and insights for Māori across all measured data segments. The project’s assurance around how data sovereignty will be secured will be designed by community, in community, led by the project team and experts.

Project Stages:

The project will be delivered in 4 stages, as outlined below.

Examples of measurement

For an example of previous measurements please see:

An example of the survey format and typical statements can be found here.